Sign Letters

Sign letters in a variety of types like changeable letters for marquees or letter board letters, molded message board letters, and static cling. We have a large selection of sizes, styles, materials, and colors. Flex letters are typically used with the roadside portable marquee signs. Printed on thin flexible sign letter and slide in into the sign track. Spell out any message with a dictionary of letters. Keep your prices updated or add new menu items with an additional menu board letter & numbers kit! The letter is injection molded plastic.  Includes an assorted variety of letters, numbers, and punctuation. Create professional looking window signs in minutes with our easy to use static cling lettering kit. The large, easy to read letters come with a peel off backing sheet that you can press in place on windows. There is no tape or glue and the letters are completely reusable. The letters are bright and highly visible so your message gets noticed near or far.