Drive-Thru Open Flashing & Animated High Impact Energy Efficient LED Sign

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From the Manufacturer Description Engage more customers with our newest LED signs. With its many benefits and durability, LED signs outlast every other kind of lighting and are the smart alternative for businesses today. Attract more customers to your storefront with their eye catching designs! Features Material - Lightweight, durable and long lasting (read below) Effect- Ultra bright LEDs are visible over 500 feet away and in direct sunlight Cost Effective- Minimal energy usage (~8x less than neon signs) Environmentally Friendly- "Green" alternative to other kinds of lighting Flexibility- Easy to install, display and relocate around your store Safety- Cool to the touch and safe to handle Specifications Operating voltage - 110 VAC (or 220 VAC, alternatively) 100,000 hours of operation time (10 years!) 10 watt power consumption Note Please allow 3 - 4 business days for production. For indoor use only.

  • 15"H x 27"L x 1"D
  • Real High Impact, Flashing & Animated, Eye Catching LED Sign
  • Easy Install, hanging hardware & chain are included
  • Can Be Left On 24 Hours/Day, 365 Days/Year
  • For Indoor Use Only