US Endura-Nylon Flag W/ SolarMax For Outdoors

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All of our Nylon Flags are Made with SolarMax Technology SolarMax fabrics are tough, durable, long-lasting and specifically designed for active outdoor use. SolarMax fabrics exhibit tremendous strength retention under UV exposure as well as world-class tensile and tear strength. Because of its strength SolarMax fabrics will increase overall-performance. SolarMax fabrics are highly resistant to UV fading, allowing the use of deeper, brighter colors that will last over time. In addition, SolarMax fabrics offer better wash fastness and lightfastness than other nylons of similar fabric construction, so they will retain their good looks long after the competition has called it the day. American Made ? Best quality made 100% right here in the United States! Quality Materials ? Endura-Nylon gives it superior wear while allowing it to be light enough to fly in the slightest breeze! ? Has embroidered stars and sewn stripes! ? Flag contains brass grommets! ?Reinforced fly ends and headers